Job Position


Real estate sales consultant who loves the real estate industry and has a dream to join our team.

Basic salary, high commission, and sales bonus.

Full-time or part-time, no experience required.


Job Detail



• Great salary system

Australia's only basic salary system, high commission, sales bonus, quarterly awards, special awards, incentive activities.


• Powerful customer resource platform, diversified marketing channels


There are many roadshow activities at Box Hill Central, Chadstone, Melbourne Central and other major shopping malls month by month, and also annual real estate exhibition, regional investment analysis lectures, various banquets, festival activities and so on. Gather popularity, customer source continuously!


• Comprehensive and systematic training


No real estate sales experience, never mind! Senior sales team leader leads regular training every week, and sales manager provides special intensive training every month.


 Bright and relaxed working environment


The headquarter of the company is located in the busy business district of Camberwell, with convenient transportation, convenient parking, and bright and spacious offices.


As a new star of real estate in Melbourne, we are a group of dynamic young dreams, a loving warm family. we are waiting for you on the way  success!

To apply, please send CV to