Basic Info
Address 236 Jasper Road, McKinnon, Vic 3204
Developer Dealcorp
Designer Ritz & Ghougassian
Room Type Apartment
Floor 5
Number of dwellings 37
Floorplan One Bedroom, Two Bedrooms and Three Bedrooms

The cornerstone of McKinnon Road, a cut above the rest Situated on the corner of Jasper and McKinnon Roads, MCKN is an exciting new concept for the suburb. The facade is a series of fluted concrete planes rising from the ground floor, creating a textured  surface for greenery to grow and climb. Glass fills the spaces between the concrete, forming floor-toceiling apertures to throw an abundance of natural light and sunshine into the building. From the interior, the light allows the apartments to breathe, while the rest of the space radiates warmth and comfort.

MCKN displays well-considered design that is inspired by the surrounding architectural vernacular. The history of McKinnon speaks through the archetypes of the neighbourhood dwellings, creating a compelling storyboard of style from post-war experimentation to more recent contemporary buildings. From this rich heritage, MCKN was forged, complementing the eclectic styles of its environment.


MCKN is located in the centre of the McKinnon Secondary School Zone.

McKinnon Secondary College, one of the state’s highest ranked and most sought-after schools, is a short 5 minute walk away.


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