【299 King Street】Melbourne

Basic Info
Address 299 King Street, Melbourne
Developer Aurumstone Group
Designer Elenberg Fraser
Room Type Apartment
Floor 64
Number of dwellings 472
Floorplan One Bedroom, Two Bedrooms and Three Bedrooms

299 King is where Melbourne shines, a connected new landmark designed by Elenberg Fraser that will become part of Melbourne’s social language.

299 King sits on the perimeter of the prominent Flagstaff Gardens.

It becomes a landmark within the park precinct, providing a thoughtful and elegant backdrop to multiple vistas from within the park.

While the slenderness of the tower draws similarities to the singularity of the flagstaff, subtle changes in the curvature of its surfaces draws influences from the convex and concave characteristics of the fabric adorning the staff. These surfaces meet at clearly defined edges, accentuating their contrasting curvature and becoming reminiscent of the softness that is the flag.

The rich history of the site provides a romantic narrative for interior spaces. Tribes of the Kulin Nation, European settlers and Chinese gold diggers are some of the local stories woven into meaningful, feel good spaces. A supernatural theme runs throughout the shared amenities. A light, restrained colour palette and a natural material selection allows one to connect with the subtleness of form and texture. Nature is evoked through split face stone surfaces, while bespoke metal elements make reference to the search for precious metals in the significant gold rush era.

【299 King Street】Melbourne

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