【85 Spring Street】Melbourne

Basic Info
Address 85 Spring Street, Melbourne, Vic 3000
Developer Golden Age Group
Designer Bates Smart
Room Type Apartment
Floor 39
Number of dwellings 138
Floorplan One bedroom,Two bedrooms, Three bedrooms

Defined by heritage gardens, historic architecture, culinary icons and cultural landmarks, Spring Street embodies the character of Melbourne at its finest. It is also the home of the city’s most remarkable new address – 85 Spring Street – a modern masterpiece meticulously designed by Bates Smart and delivered by Golden Age Group. A place of timeless grandeur, effortless living and exceptional views which will last forever, 85 Spring Street is the first and the last of its kind.


Melbourne has a reputation for its finely manicured parks and gardens, with the most picturesque of these unfolding below 85 Spring Street – an address of everlasting beauty.


Grand façades, intricate detail, rich history. The stately character of Spring Street and its surrounds have an established integrity.


Spring Street holds a unique position in the history of Melbourne, reflected in the heritage of its architecture.


Long lunches, late suppers and exceptional wine lists are part of daily life at 85 Spring Street.


Designed with an emphasis on rich textures, the highest quality craftsmanship and the site’s exceptional views, Bates Smart has envisioned a timeless building that is finely tuned to contemporary life.


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【85 Spring Street】Melbourne

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